Meet the Fishermen

The Oregon fleet is made up of independent family fishermen who have chosen albacore fishing as a lifestyle. They’re real men, women, and families who care about good food and good fishing. An Oregon Albacore fisherman is a rugged spirit driven by the adventure, ready for the fast and furious action when the albacore start to bite, someone called to a life where hard work is rewarded by the beauty of the ocean, wind, and sky and the pride of brining bringing one of Oregon’s iconic food treasures to our tables.

Members of our Oregon Albacore fishing community feel personally accountable for the wholesomeness of the fish, the long-term sustainability of the fishery, and the health of our oceans. In the same way that local farmers and ranchers strive to deliver the best fresh vegetables and meats, local Oregon fishermen deliver the very best albacore, whether fresh, fresh-frozen, or micro-canned in small batches.